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Bateria Digital YAMAHA DTXPRESS IV Special

Descrição FEELS REAL, SOUNDS REAL, PLAYS REAL An all-new set of voices makes this the best sounding DTXPRESS kit yet. The Special version shares the same module as the Standard, but has a larger snare pad and more cymbals with our real hi hat pad. With the new learning tools in the module you have the ideal electronic drum kit for practice, teaching, or gigging around town. Special set includes round cymbal pads, a snare pad with pad controller, real hi-hat pad, hi-hat stand, RS85 rack system, and more. DTXP4 (Trigger Module) RS85 (Rack System) DTP4K2SP (Pad Set) Includes: •PCY155 (3-zone Cymbal Pad) x1 •PCY135 (3-zone Cymbal Pad) x2 •RHH135 (2-zone Hi-Hat Pad) x1 •TP65 (Single-zone Pad) x3 •TP100 (3-zone Pad) x1 •KP65 (Kick Pad) x1 •HS650A (Hi-Hat Stand) x1 *Não inclui pedal de bombo