Korg M3

Korg M3
Korg M3
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This Keyboard Workstation Will XPand Your Potential!
The M3 XPanded offers a staggering 697 Mbytes of PCM, delivering a huge number of sound variations. Powerful enhancements to the sequencer and interface make the Korg M3 keyboard workstation the go-to instrument for your music making. Now at a lower price - see your dealer for more info on this MIDI keyboard.

The Next Coming Of M - A Third Generation Keyboard Workstation
The M3 heralds the third generation of Korg Workstations. The M1 is the keyboard workstation that started it all, first appearing in 1988 to bring the world a new concept called the "music workstation." It went on to become the best selling keyboard workstation in history, and was further expanded and enhanced through the T and O1/W series. Trinity defined a new level of innovations including touch screen technology and configurable effects, and was the forbearer of the successful TRITON range of products.

Korg Redefines the Keyboard Workstation Category Once Again.
The Korg M3 features a number of innovations distilled from the flagship OASYS including the EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) sound generator derived from the HD-1 engine design, the advanced second-generation KARMA functionality, and the multi-purpose control surface. Adding innovations such as the new concept of "virtualized hardware" that allows an even closer integration with DAW systems, Drum Tracks which provide an instant groove to play along with, and the new "Korg Komponent System" concept that facilitates more flexible system construction, this keyboard workstation/sampler opens a new and exciting page in music making. Plain and simple, the Korg M3 is the keyboard workstation that rightfully deserves to wear the "M" that started it all.