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Descrição HK AUDIO blazed the trail into uncharted sonic territory with the L.U.C.A.S line. And now L.U.C.A.S ALPHA is here, combining the phenomenal handling ease of L.U.C.A.S with a big rig‘s bold performance. This unprecedented combo makes this state-ofthe-art system the first-choice solution for quality-minded bands and DJs wishing to pack a powerful punch. Plug’n’Play L.U.C.A.S ALPHA helps you get the sound you‘re seeking. Offering the decisive advantage of a selfcontained system with all components such as controllers, crossovers, power amps, and speakers on board, it puts great sound within fast, easy reach. The all-in-one design enabled our engineers to tweak levels, tone, and response to fine-tune the entire system rather than individual components. This saves you time and spares your nerves before every gig. Simply plug in, play, and enjoy stunning sound! The digital controller is the brain behind this mighty rig‘s brawn. It compensates for inaccuracies in speakers‘ dynamic response, inaudibly and within fractions of a second, delivering an expansive yet precise sonic image that remains uniformly excellent at every volume level. At the touch of a button, two controller presets, LIVE and CD, adapt L.U.C.A.S ALPHA to suit the given sound reinforcement task. Big, Bold Sound for Bands and DJs Do you want your top-40 band to rock the house and get your audiences going? Or are you a DJ whose mission is to get the party pumping? L.U.C.A.S ALPHA offers you the headroom you need to do both. Its speakers and pressure chamber drivers are high-performance components that have proven their merits for years in some of the most successful touring- and rental PAs. The subwoofer weighs in with 1,200 watts, and the two satellites factor 400 watts each into the sonic equation. With the power amps delivering a whopping 2,000 watts performance, this rig wields the sonic clout it takes to pump out massive low end and throw midrange and high frequencies great distances at sound Features: • HK Audio DDO™ System-Controller • 1200 W RMS digital power amp for the 18" subwoofer • 2x 400 W RMS digital power amps for the satellites • Two satellites with 12" Neodymium speakers and a 1,4" CD horn • 18" subwoofer in an enclosure factory-equipped with casters • HK Audio DuoTilt™ for optimum sound-to-audience alignment • Total weight of the system: 96 kg / 212,7 lbs. Technical Data: Model L.U.C.A.S. Alpha Satellite • Power-handling nominal (RMS) 400 W RMS • Frequency response +/- 3dB 85 Hz -19kHz • Axial sensitivity 1W 105 dB • Maximum SPL @1m 129 dB@10% (Half space) • Active protective circuitry dynamic protective circuit • Nominal impedance 8 ohms • Connections 1x Speakon® NL4 • Midrange woofer 1x 12" Neodym • Tweeter/ driver 1.4" • Horn characteristics 60° x 40° BEM-CD • Crossover frequency 1,2 kHz 12 dB / octave • Pole mount DuoTilt™ 3°, 7,5°, 36mm • Dimensions (WxHxD) 40 x 54,5 x 37 cm • Weight 19kg / 41lb. Model L.U.C.A.S. Alpha Subwoofer • Frequency response +/- 3dB 37 Hz - 130 Hz • Axial sensitivity 1W 100 dB • Maximum SPL @1m 130 dB@10% THD (half space) • subwoofer amplifier 1x 1200 W / Class D • Sat & Mid/high unit amp 2x 400 W / Class D • Active protective circuitry DDO™ Controller • Connections Two XLR In combination ports, Two XLR Through ports, One XLR External Subwoofer Out, Two Speakon® Satellite Outs • Speaker 1x 18 • Pole mount M20-Gewindeplatte • Dimensions (WxHxD) 53 x 63,5 x 68,5 cm • Weight 58 kg/ 127,6 lb.